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LDAP and AD jpegPhoto and Cache?

We currently running Openfire on Windows 2003, with LDAP and AD integrations.

While the photos (specified in the Active Directory users jpegPhoto attribute) do show up for a few users - others do not.

Newly added photos for new Spark users aren’t showing up…

Does the user have to sign onto Spark at least 1 time before the photo will pull from their AD Profile? The other profile information seems to be there…

do you have the LDAP vCard mappings correct in openfire? http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1773

Yes. Once the user logged on, the photo started to show up…which I suppose answers the question.


We have the exact same setup with Openfire running on Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory housing their pictures in the jpegPhoto user object attribute. What I’ve seen is that Spark tends to be rather sluggish in detecting changes in the user object. Every time I create a new user or upgrade an existing one with a picture I go to Openfire Admin Console -> Server Manager tab -> Cache Summary and from there I clear the VCard. Then I ask the user to restart Spark and most of the time this does the trick.