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LDAP authentication from Linux to w2k

I feel like I am missing something… I have JM 2.2 installed on my linux server and trying to authenticate to my ADS on W2K server. I have read the ports and I feel that everything is configured correctly.

When I made the changes in the jive_messenger.xml file i was no longer able to log into the admin console, nor the exodus client. I have tuned on the debug in the XML file and have confirmed that it is at least searching the tree, however it never seems to be able to locate any of the users.

Below is a copy of the xml file:

I also tried bogus information in setup to confirm whether the systems were actually talking, and I have confirmed that the system is trying to search the ADS however it’'s not able to find it.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

tag which shouldn’'t be there.

You sir… are a god.

Thank you very much, I find some of the LDAP docs are very vague… either that or I can’'t read. Anyway thank you for your assistance.