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LDAP Avatar Plugin Losing Avatars

We have deployed Wildfire and Spark here for an internal chat system using LDAP for the authentication, and things have been working wonderfully. However, the wailing and gnashing of teeth grew about the inability to use avatars grew too loud for me to ignore, so I used the plugin found in JM-460.

This works pretty well for a day or so, but people started complaining about lost avatars. We are using the embedded database, and it seems the avatars are lost whenever the cache expires or is cleared. I am open to any suggestions for ensuring the avatars are not lost.

I had the same issue, so I removed it. I thinks its best to wait till its integrated into Openfire.

I am just going to wait and see what happens with OpenFire, as was suggested.

Thank you.

I only use LDAP Auth and Users and Groups are stored in a MYSQL DB.

But I also seem to lose avatars

Seeing as some other people are having the same issue, I thought I would give a chance for more points.


Hannes has posted an updated plugin, and the issue seems to be resolved now.

Thank you, Hannes, for providing this functionality.

We use LDAP here and Pandion, the avatars work fine.