LDAP Bind and Search Query

Hi there,

First of all, first time I have played with this product, and looks really really good.

Secondly, the reason for the post is that, I have succesfully configured the Group search in LDAP to only show groups starting with chat_*

However, my problem is that with my user search, I would really like to also only import users to the user list that are:


So the final LDAP search string would be something like: “(&(sAMAccountName=)(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(memberOf=cn=chat_grps_*))”

Could someone please tell me if this is possible to only import users based on AD group membership?

All assistance is Apprecaited.

I have not been able to use wildcards in my search filters. What I did is place my chat groups in their own sub-OU and created a filter like this:


You can add as many groups as you want in this method, contained in the (|( )) grouping. The | means or in LDAP queries.

Hey there,

Thanks for that, I did try a wildcard but it did not work, so will have to create a single group, with all users in that I want to have access to the chat environment.

Unless someone can confirm that a wildcard is supported.


wildcards are not supported in that fashion. I fixed my previous post to show you how to create a filter that would work.