LDAP config - Openfire 3.10, Windows Server 2008 R2

Cannot get LDAP working frm Openfire 3.10 against Windows Server 2008 R2

I am able to successfully configure Base DN and Administrator DN, and test successfully:

Base DN: dc=“mydomain”,dc=“com”

Administrator DN: cn=“administrator”,cn=“Users”,dc=“mydomain”,dc=“com”

On the next page (step 2) I am using sAMAccountName for Username field, and (objectClass=user) for User Filter. Test is failing every time and it won’t find any AD admin users if I proceed to the next page, using all the defaults for group.

This is a pretty basic setup, am I missing something?



Can anyone provide (anonimized) examples of their LDP config for me to look at?


try using administrator@domain.local for your administrator DN

also, keep in mind that this is for ldap lookups, and doesn’t have to be a domain admin account. If your AD/LDAP is still at defaults, then a regular domain user account will work.