LDAP config with ActiveDirectory


I am having trouble configuring OpenFire with ActiveDirectory on SBS 2008.

I’ve read through and followed the setup guide: http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/ldap-gui de.html

However when I enter the details such as the dc and cn and then get to the end where I enter the user name to be found to be add as administrator, I get a message saying that it can’t find the user name entered. I get the error message,

“No user name was entered or can not be found”

I leave the default settings for both the user mapping and group mapping.

Has anyone else had this similar problem? If so, how would I fix it?

Thank you in advance,



**set **Automatically follow LDAP referrals when found = yes

I have similar problem. My config is:

Base DN


Administrator DN


When I use flag “Automatically follow LDAP referrals when found” all works ok

I have UserFilter = (objectClass=organizationalPerson)&(objectClass=Person)&(objectClass=user)

GroupFilter = (&(cn={0})(objectClass=Group))

Attached are the settings that work for me- Are you using an LDAP browser to verify attributes? I use Softerra’s on Windows and LDAP Browser/Editor on OS X. Your doing some fancy filtering.

I’m using hosted exchange which ties the UPN to the mail attribute and jabber doesn’t allow an “@” character in the user name, so I’ve had to use the wWWHomePage attribute to store people-friendly login name for Openfire.

I had the same problem. the connection test is ok but cannot find any user.

You must use this exact syntax in base DN field:


The exact same string without the " " test ok but doesn’t work when you try to retrieve user or administrators.

Hope I helped