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LDAP configuration - No test settings message

When setting up the Active directory LDAP configuration & using the Test Settings button I get no message back. Any suggestions ?
PS Openfire 3.91 !

need to upgrade openfire!

Thx. I just updated to 4.7.1 I still have the same issue when testing the LDAP integration

odd. do you have any pop up blockers running? I just ran through a fresh install a day or two ago and didn’t have any issues.

I did the ldap config with a browser on a workstation (instead of the server) & the config passes the test. However on the user mapping screen I get a CSRF failure message if I accept the default settings and select save & continue

More progress… disabled the ad blockers etc & User mapping passes it’s test.

However with Save & continue I get a HTTP ERROR 500 java.lang.NullPointerException error

More details here

exit out of the browser and clear your cookies/temp files, and try again. try using chrome if you are not already

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All working now. I started the setup with a clean openfire.xml file .
Thx for your assistance

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After running a successful setup wizard the ldap settings aren’t being saved to the openfire.xml file .

LDAP works and is shown on the profile settings page. However if I restart openfire the settings are lost.

Other settings such as the fqdn are saved,

Any suggestions on the cause?


nm. The ldap settings are now stored in the database Property table, not in the openfire.xml .

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