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LDAP + Contact List Sharing

Here is my basic setup:

LDAP Server with ~1000 users and about ~100 groups

I want to enable contact list sharing to everyone. I basically want everything locked down. The problem is that in order to enable contact list sharing for all groups and users… I have to go through each group manually… and enable it… this is pretty bad given the amount of groups I have.

Is there an automatic way to do this or some easier way?

I had to do it manually with more than 400 groups, I’d like to have a way to do it in batch, but I couldn’t find it…

My advise is not to modify the database by hand as I did, you’ll only get a corrupted DB.

Sorry, but I think you’ll have to do it one by one…


There is no batch method, because you need to set a unique share name for each group and flag it as shared. This will need to be done manually.

Todd, is there a way to file a enhancement request?

This seems to be a common request for anyone who wants to have a server that shows all groups for users. I mean, the shared name is the same name as the group… and they should be visible to all users. It would be nice if there was a batch way to do this.

I would take a database hack also at this point.

I wanna do this too.

Where openfire stores contact list? I mean what table?


Somebody posted this: http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/JM-865

I do not guarantee it will still function, nor do I recommend altering the base code on a production machine.