LDAP Environment: Users and Groups populated, but no Members in Groups

Greetings all,

I have spent countless days searching for an answer, and have yet to find one that works.

To begin, my AD structure is as follows:


->City OU





Other Non-Important Stuff

See Above

See Above

See Above

All users are placed under the Users OU under the City OU, under the Domain.

Groups are in Groups, etc.

Under Groups, I have two Security Groups, both are set to Universal.

Openfire Users

Openfire Groups

The Openfire Users group contains all of the members of the company.

The Openfire Groups group contains all of the department groups the people are associated with. IT, Admin, Finance, etc. This contains no individual users, only groups.

I am able to search and add people perfectly. But I am unable to pre-populate user rosters with groups from the company.

My ldap.baseDN is set to: ou=city ou,dc=domain,dc=com

ldap.groupSearchFilter is: (&(memberOf=cn=openfire groups,ou=groups,ou=city ou,dc=domain,DC=com))

ldap.searchFilter: (&(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(memberOf=cn=openfire users,ou=groups,ou=city ou,dc=domain,dc=com))

Groups appear when viewing users/groups on the server console, but all groups show no members.

No groups appear on the Spark client.

All of the sub groups under “Openfire Groups” have specific individuals, and no further sub-groups.

Openfire 3.7.1


I could seriously use some help with this.

this is how I do it.