LDAP Failover?

Is there a server setting to set an additional LDAP server name in the event the primary is off-line?

Instead of putting the FQDN for your LDAP directory server, use just the domain name. Example: let’s say your primary ldap server’s FQDN is ldap1.yourdomain.local and secondary is ldap2.yourdomain.local. For the directory server setting in Openfire, just use yourdomain.local, and whichever ldap server is able to respond, will. We run this configuration in an Active Directory environment and it works fine. Not a hiccup yet, and we even lost a domain controller to a hard drive crash.

Awesome, thanks.

Works so far… :slight_smile:

This will definitely work with Active Directory, but other forms of LDAP may not work in this fashion.

It would be nice to know if anyone around here running OpenLDAP or another LDAP alternative has or is willing to test this configuration in their environment. I was under the impression that this would work regardless of the LDAP provider, based on LDAP standards, and more specifically, its dependency on DNS.

Any takers?

I also tried;


and it didn’t break anything, however I don’t have 2 DC’s to test with in my Lab environement.

The comma sepparated list is the proper format.

I have a problem in LDAP Failover i use this in conf


But it not works, please give idea or suggestion to what can i do for LDAP fail over to work. ?


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