LDAP Fails to Authenticate

New install of Openfire 3.7 … trying to use AD authentication … it keeps failing when I go to TEST SETTINGS. Our AD is set up

company.com ==> location ==> users ====> joe smith

So I said cn=users;cn=location;dc=company;dc=com

and for the AD cn=jsmith;cn=users;cn=location;dc=company;dc=com … also tried cn=joe smith;cn=users;cn=location;dc=company;dc=com but it fails. I know password is right as it’s my own.

I keep thinking it’s more in syntax than anything else.


When specifying your base DN, ensure that you’re using the correct object type.

You may need to use ou=users,ou=location,dc=company,dc=com if your users are located under OUs.

Also, you should be using commas and not semi-colons (don’t know if that makes a difference, but all of the AD configurations of Openfire I’ve done have used commas and not semi-colons in the base DN).