LDAP for users, groups setup manually?

Is it possible to setup openfire to use ldap security for user accounts but create the groups manually using the admin interface.

It seems to be an all or nothing option to use ldap for both users and groups. I am having problems using groups with oracle OID and wondered if this was possible?

thanks in advance


LDAP groups are provided by the setting in provider.

thanks, i will give it a go and see if it works

This is what I’ve done. Just comment out the LDAP group provider. You have to do it by hand if you’ve used the admin console to edit the LDAP settings though. This tripped me up & screwed over my rosters until i commented it out. Then the rosters came back. Editing these setting require you to restar the server, so bare that in mind.

I use LDAP to authenticate users & Openfire groups to organize rosters.

I tested this solution and this works.



I know this post is old, but this is my exact problem, I just can’t figure out where I should be commenting out the members section. I want to use LDAP to authenticate and Openfire to control my groups.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge here, just not sure what exact steps are needed for this to work.


I also have this problem. How can this be achived?

How was this done, and what steps to do so on 3.7.0 since the settings are now in the DB instead of the openfire.xml file.

Sorry to bring back an old thread, I didnt want to post the same thing since it was already here.

Just went through this myself. Simple enough (after hours of looking around/hunting). The answer is the same : Disable LDAP Group Usage. The steps are different though, since it is no longer in the config file.

Open the Openfire Management Console

You should be in the “Server” tab

Click on the “System Properties” Link (second one down)

Go all the way to the bottom of the page

Edit the value of “provider.group.className” (It will have a value in there) (click the edit/notepad like icon)

Set the value to blank


Restart the Openfire Server

Voila … go in and create groups and share the rosters!!!