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Ldap group behaviour

I have just upgraded to Wildfire from JM 2.3 and switched from in built groups to LDAP groups.

I am correctly getting users and groups from LDAP and they are being displayed correctly in the admin console. However when I click on a group I find ‘‘Enable sharing group in rosters’’ is ticked by default but none of the show group options are ticked which is rather odd. Also the ‘‘Group Display Name’’ is blank. In JM2.3 you couldn’'t even setup groups like this as half the options are missing!

Ideally what i want to have the ‘‘Group Display Name’’ the same as the Group name and ‘‘Show group in group members’’ rosters’’ ticked by default. That way LDAP groups will get automatically setup up and deployed.

I’'ve also noticed that Group descriptions which are set in LDAP (AD) do not get displayed in WF



If I remember correctly, my shared groups didn’‘t show up until I gave them (it, really, I’'m only using one) a display name.

Also, be aware that presense updates for users subscribed to each other through shared roster groups are not reliable right now.

I think the developer folks are aware of this, and there was an issue in the tracker about it JM-557, but it has been marked as closed. I think the fix they implemented there helped, but certainly didn’'t resolve the issue.



Thanks for the info.

So far, touch wood, presence is being updated correctly here. I’'ll report back if if i get any problems.

I have noticed a bug related to this in 2.6.2 though. In the admin console when you click on a user ( user-properties.jsp) it should show the groups that person is a member of. It seeems to show all groups instead. Group membership is working correctly so i guess it’'s just a display bug


Glad its working for you.

I had to remove the LdapGroupProvider over the weekend because it was causing so many problems with my server.

Guess I’'ll just do without for a while. :confused:

Hope it stays solid for you.