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LDAP Group Configuration

So, I’m setting up OpenFire for the first time on Windows Server 2003 R2 (and I’ve only just started researching into LDAP). I managed to get it to populate all the users fine, but I’m having issues with groups. It adds every user and every group as an individual user, so the groups register with 0 members. Now, is this a problem with my Base DN? Or is it my group search settings?

I set the base DN to just cn=Users,dc=myserver,dc=com. Technically, in Active Directory, our users are stored in Users > Company > City1Employees, City2Employees, etc. Would that be it? Is my base DN just not specific enough for the initial search for users?

Again, I’m not overly familiar with LDAP, so all of the pages I find on google tend to confuse me more than anything. Please help if you can!

Nevermind! I figured it out! It actually did create the groups correctly, it just created duplicates that had 0 members. I was looking at the wrong group! Just added contact sharing to the correctly configured groups and it works like a charm!