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LDAP Group NAme Field

Being a beginner with Openfire, what is this referring to? I have all the other LDAP parameters correct but I am not sure what this is referring to. The AD groups?

What do groups do for me in Openfire? Please help!

PS Through LDAP I can connect and authenticate so that much is correct. It’'s the Group concept I have trouble with. Thanks.

Groups give you the ability to have prepopulated lists of users automatically show in the client. It also allows you to assign features by group (chat gateway access). I have my users groouped by all employees as well as department they belong to. This means they do not have to create those specific groups. If they are a member the automatically show in the client.

Understood. Are "Groups referring to Active Directory Groups? So the real question, as I mentioned, is what does the field “LDAP Group Name” refer to and how do I define it (I know it would be an LDAP designation but not sure what is being asked for).