LDAP group not showing up in list of groups

I know there was an issue in 3.8.0 but when I reverted back to 3.7.1 I noticed this is still happening.

Our setup is openldap and the group filter has posix mode on and the group filter is “(&(objectClass=posixGroup)(cn=*im-users))”. When I test the settings it correctly shows two groups: im-users and ext-im-users. After restarting I go to User/Groups > Groups and Group Summary says Total Groups: 2 but only lists ext-im-users. ext-im-users has no users in it right now and im-users has all employees in it (around 45 or so). It worked at one point because I was able to choose the group and make it a shared group to all logged in users (this was setup several years ago). Also in 3.7.1 it works correctly. It didn’t work in 3.8.0 but that was from a bug introduced in that version, so we’re running 3.7.1 now.

How do I get both groups to show up in group summary page on the web interface? as it may end up being an issue later on. Looking at error logs just shows a bunch of errors about VCard provider is read only. Does anyone know why the group wouldn’t show up in the list yet it’s being counted?

Similar problem, but on pidgin based clients. The auto populated contact list that was working in 3.6.4 no longer works in 3.8.0. 3.8.0 seems to have the patch from http://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-216, but no ldap group or contacts are shown.