Ldap / group /openfire.xml

Hey all, I’m trying to get a openfire install to use my ldap directory for auth’n and user / group lists.

I’ve got everything working except the groups… it won’t load or show my groups being populated. The strange thing is, know matter hwo I go through the setup process, the openfire.xml file never changes… I’ve searched the boards here and looked at peoples openfire.xml files, and mine is bone stock, minus the mysql info… BUT, ldap authenticating is working, and I can log in etc…

I’m using openldap for ldap server.

Can anyone give me a hand? default install of openfire 3.6.0a.

My tree is:


  • ou=domains

  • ou=group (my groups)

  • ou=machines

  • ou=people (this is where my users are stored)

when setting up the ldap on openfire (following the install wizard)

i use dc=gie,dc=com, and use my admin dn for auth’n (test’s out ok)

then I go and test the user lookup, it pulls a random record correctly, then the group… when I use:

cn - gives me every user listed as a single group, so, basically it gives me 594 groups… (not correct)

ou - gves me 4 groups (domains, group, machines, people) and none are populated

any ideas?

What is your LDAP server? Oh and the information is no longer stored in the openfire.xml. It is now stored in the database.

Thanks for the reply, I’m running openldap-2.3.27-8.el5_1.3

Openfire 3.6 makes it real fun to edit these settings as everything is in the database now.

You could try these settings:

uid displayName mail cn memberUid description true (objectClass=group)

that is alot closer!

Now the first few entries under “Groups” are my groups! but then it lists all my users as groups after… I will play with those settings a bit to see what we can do. thanks!