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LDAP - Group - roster Problem

Hi there (me again )

as said, our AD Structur is as follows:

ou= Company

ou = Country










and so forth

I created a group called “openfire” and I put all users allowed to use IM into that goup … all of that works fine so far.

As I have learned, groups / rosters are not populated by default, but can be. My problem is, that we only have the OU’s mentioned above which follow our structure, existing sec and distribution groups have totally different names and meanings.

So, my question is, can I create rosters (selfpopulating) based on the OU’s (e.g. a Roster “Marketing” which contains all users underneath ou=company,ou=country,ou=marketing,ou=users and another with the same schema for e.g. sales)?

Thanks a lot in advance

BTW: the current group setup (the default) finds groups based on cn, but these are in no way related to our organisational structure


Hello again…

One way of doing it is by setting up dynamic groups (Query-based distribution group, on All tasks) in the ad, those autopopulate from the users that belong to an OU. Create it, go to Openfire Web, Groups/Users, find the group, put a name on it, and that would do it. Wait a while to see it impact in your roster, it can take a while till the next time Openfire pools the AD and add the users to the roster.



unfortunately this doesn’t work, as dynamic groups do not contain a “member list”, and OpenFire doesn’t support querying the string from msExchDynamicDLFiler to get the users …

looks like I need to work with manual usergroups … :frowning:

If you already have security groups defined in AD, regardless of their name, you can use them because Openfire allows you to give a common name at the time you share them.