Ldap group update

I’m working to get Openfire setup to use as a corporate IM server. I have ldap configured and working. I went in and shared my IT Department Active Directory group and it shows up in my IM client just fine. The problem I’m having is with getting the group to update. I added a new user into the active directory group, but it’s not showing up in the IM client yet. Is there a setting I have to set somewhere that tells openfire how often to refresh ldap and the shared groups, or am I going to have to go re-cycle the server everytime I make group changes? I’d prefer to be able to add someone to the AD group and then after so long they would start appearing in the IM clients.

Thanks in advance for any help!


There is no manual LDAP resync yet. It seems to vary from config to config. My server seems to resync every 20 minutes with LDAP. Spark takes longer and I am not sure how long. A logout of spark and login will force a resync.

Actually when I went back a bit later and looked the GROUP looks like it updated, but the IM clients arn’t. Logging out and logging back in doesn’t do it. All I get is the same 4 people, one of which I removed from the group. So it looks like the backend is working, but the IM Client groups arn’t updating. So I guess that’s the problem.

Any thoughts?


You know- I’m having this exact same issue. I’ve got a AD LDAP set up as well.

Even though some users show up after a logout/in of Spark, there are others that do not. These user DO show up in the ‘Groups’ dialog in the OpenFire Admin Console, however.

I’m very interested in a solution to this issue.

This morning when I logged in and opened the IM clients, the user that I added to the group was finally showing up, so I don’t know if the client had to be closed for an extended period or what. However the user that I removed still is listed in the client which makes me think that I’ll have to remove them manually. If you have a shared AD Group, shouldn’t the client update it’s list based on who is and is not in that list?

I’m using Pidgon as my client btw. I’m planning on testing at least 2 other clients.


Same thing happened to me as well., awilish. It looks like there is some type of lag with addition of certain users to AD groups.

I’ve been using Psi, Trillian, Pidgin as well as Spark and am seeing the same issue, so I kinda doubt that the client has something to do with it.

Any update to this issue? Its seems that it takes an extended about of time for group changes to take effect in both the admin page and spark clients. Is there still no way of changing how often it looks at the directory server it’s connected to?


This is tentatively scheduled to be addressed in Openfire 3.6. Unfortunately I do not know how long until we see that version. A new version of Spark may be coming in a month or more based on conversation in Open Chat today 04/23/2008.