LDAP Groups not filling

Hey all, I am using LDAP to populate my OpenFire groups and users. I just recently added some users to our Active Directory that are outside of this office. These users are able to login using Spark and communicate with our other users, but their names do not show up on any lists. When viewing the User/Groups section in OpenFire i see the new group name that i created for these users, but it shows the member number as 0. the group is set to share with all other groups, but these users just dont show up in the group. Even if i add the users to a group that has members in it, they still dont show up on the list. Is there some kind of rule that these users need to login to a computer that the AD is hosting, or have i done something else wrong ?

any ideas ?

Can you include your conf file

My guess is that you created a new OU for these users and they are outside your BseDN that is configured in Openfire. I have done this on purpose for a consultant. He is not to be in the roster but can login just fine.

Thank you for the replies, i JUST figured out how to make this work properlly, though i dont know why it works this way.

All of the users that i setup for remote useage would not appear on the rosters, until i locally logged in as those users. Once i logged them into a computer on my local domain, their names appeared in the group summary. Now that i have logged them each in, when they log on from their remote stations they appear in the roster !! I dont know if that is how it is supposed to work, but thats how i got it to work here !!!