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LDAP Help? I don't want to use LDAP groups

I want my Openfire server to authenticate against my company’s Active Directory. Done. I know how to do that, and yes, it works.

The problem is that Openfire also wants to download the AD Group membership and use that in place of the local Openfire groups. That’s bad. Our AD groups are not representative of anything useful for the purpose of grouping individuals in an IM window or Buddy List.

Additionally, when I attempt to make my own local groups, I get a “Ready-only” error.

How can I continue to use LDAP user auth, but make my own groups? Any advice would be dearly appreciated!!!


Try deleting what is configured in this system property after backing it up: provider.group.className

I had the same issue and did the same thing Todd suggests, it worked for me


Thank you guys so much! I owe you a beer!