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LDAP Integration


In my previous comapny and we used spark without any issue and integraged with LDAP. Here in my new company we have limited control on Active Directory and it is only for one OU related to the concerned country.

I tried to install and configure spark localy it works, but not able to through LDAP what could be the reason ? my user have administrative privilage on the OU related to our country . Here i have add only those users belongs this particular ou


So could you please help to configure this DN and admin dn?



You should see if you can browse the OU first using a free tool available online that can help, a java one would be better.

What level AD is it? I know of some MS products that have trouble with 2008 especially when working with other MS products. I have olny connected openfire to a 2003 AD.

Might also want to double check you are setting the correct admin dn, the whole ou.