ldap.nameField problem

Hi everyone,

I updated openfire to newest one (4.0.1) and now my custom ldap.nameField is not working. In roster I see only names of users.

I tried to change ldap.nameField to sn or displayName - no joy. Seems like openfire ignoring that setting.

What I tried:

  • delete whole setting ldap.nameField and set it up again

  • clear cache for roster, user, vcard

  • restart openfire service

I’m using Openfire on linux, with mysql database, integration with AD.

Spark 2.7.6 and 2.7.0

Everything was working with Openfire 3.10.3

Is this bug? Can I do something else?

Best Regards

Mateusz Blaszka

try using cn for ldap.nameField

Nothing changed…

perhaps its pulling the info from vcards

check the following tags and change accordingly



Ii that was, I would have nickname or displayName in roster but I have only first name.