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LDAP & Non-LDAP users?

I got the LDAP interface working using Active Directory (yeah!)

Is it possible to have users register and log in using the MySQL database as well as other users using Active Directory.

IOW, most of my users are on our Windows network so they are in Active Directory. However, there are a couple of outsiders who are NOT authorized on our network (and I don’'t want them to be) but need access to Jive Messenger so that they can IM with our network users. I would like those people to be able to register using the MySQL database.

Any help would be appreciated.


No, it’‘s not currently possible. The LDAP Authentication module takes over all authentication, and the current framework doesn’'t allow for more than one module to be used at a time.

Okay, thanks.

Not the answer I wanted to hear but at least I know.

Do you know if there are plans make this possible in the future?

Thanks again. Jive Messenger seems to be an outstanding product and we really do appreciate you making it available to us.


Thanks for the support, but I’‘m just a happy user. I don’'t work for Jive.

I don’‘t know if there are plans too add this feature in the future or not. I don’'t see an issue item for this in the Bugs/Issues pages.

Matt or Gaston[/b] - could you add this as a feature request in JIRA?

Hi All,

I think this is a good idea, but implementation is going to be somewhat tricky since certain things are allowed in a database backed installation that aren’‘t supported in a LDAP backed installation, like changing passwords. I went ahead and added the request as JM-331. Feel free to vote on it if you’'d like.



Good point, Ryan, and thanks for creating the JIRA issue.

I was thinking that the User class could have an “AuthSource” attribute that would point to DB or LDAP or Whatever. Once you know the type of User it is, you can query whether the data source is editable.

I’‘m looking to do the same thing but I am thinking that I will set up a second instance of Jive on the same server, allow non-ldap users there, then allow the 2 instances to talk to eachother. Anyone see any problems with that, or have any tips for things to be aware of for the install? I know the 2 instances would have to be on different ports and that’'s fine.

I did a similar setup but with two different domains.

One server is hosting @corp.domain.com which uses LDAP users on Active Directory

The other server is hosting @users.domain.com which uses SQL backend users.

The two servers and users of each server can communicate with each other using the S2S feature in Jive.