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Ldap plug-in

Is it possible to write a plug-in in wildfire 3.1.1 to fetch the data from LDAP.


  • When an user sends a specific request to wildfire

  • Wildfire’s Plugin will fetch the required information from LDAP & will prepare a XML packet and send it to user.

Please let me know if above is possible with the wildfire 3.1.1 / openfire latest version.



Yes it is. In fact, I just wrote a replacement user search plugin that does just that.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you please share some details, how we can do so ?

Its prety simple, really. Just request the ldap context from the LdapManager:

LdapManager ldapManager = LdapManager.getInstance();
LdapContext ctx = ldapManager.getContext();
//do stuff with ctx

Thanks for the details

Can you please have a look into the following discussion