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LDAP Problems migrating from JiveMessenger_2_1_3 to Wildfire_2_6_2


actually im migrating our JiveMessenger to Wildfire-Server . Everything worked well except LDAP Connection. If i copy the LDAP Conf from jive-messenger.xml to wildfire.xml i always get a AuthenticationException

javax.naming.AuthenticationException: LDAP: error code 49 - Invalid Credentials[/b]

Is it possible that plain auth is not working correctly? (disabled SSL) Is it possible that there is a problem with LDAP Type 3

Any help is appreciated

Regards Achim

what does your section look like?

If all else is the same, that would be the only place that could be having problems.



my LDAP Section looks exactly the same than in wildfire_2_1_3 where it works absolutely fine.

I’'ve found no differences so i made it exactly the same.

Any help is appreciated!

Kind Regards



now i checked all LDAP Classes between wildfire_2_6_2 and jive_messenger_2_1_3 … i found no difference at all … the errorcode itself seems to be just an auth Problem… or miss i something?

Regards Achim

are you using plain text authentication?

How about using TLS. Put in the LDAP section if you are running TLS that is, and see if it will allow connection

Hi Jeff,

this is what i asked for. On the old Server it worked without this attribute. We are working with plain auth. So i didn’'t declare this field. My LDAP section looks like this:


Thats all

Regards Achim

Man, all of these different identifiers! My section looks similar to your although my context identifers are different see below. I can’‘t answer as to why the file won’'t work in Wildfire, but plug in the identifers I use and see if it helps. my LDAP is eDirectory based.