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Ldap query version 3.71

how to use the config file for a basic ldap query - it seems to work from the config, but the client shows no people. have tried everything, etc.

basically want to add an all users group so that all domain users are visible in the spark client. currently client is up, and if we type in a name it will find that person in Active Directory, but no users are prepopulated…

have ldap queries that work in other sources - adsi edit, aduc, softerra browser, but I don’t get this config file

Here is a sample query that I can run from other apps: Brackets, of course, are not part of it, but just for administrative purposes on this post.

Search DN / Base DN



(&(objectcategory=user)(memberof=CN=[corporateTeam-members],OU=Offices,OU=[compa ny_Groups],DC=[company],DC=com))

Can someone please translate how this would go into the base config file? This query produces a list of all users, but for our purposes, that would be fine.