LDAP Question - eDirectory and Groups

I’'m having a problem getting Wildfire 3.0.1 to populate groups from our Novell eDirectory. Users and vCards work just fine, and groups almost work. Wildfire is able to list the groups accuratelyall groups along with their names and descriptions are populatedbut it seems to be confusing usernames with DNs somehow.

In the list of members, the username column is populated with DNs instead of usernames; the logfiles reveal that wildire is using DNs where it should be using usernames (i.e. Can’‘t find username ‘‘cn=mcauleto,ou=its,ou=csu,o=mnscu’’). I’'ve tried flipping the PosixMode setting (which seems like the right setting?) to no effect.

I’'ve included the relevant section of my wildfire.xml as well as the output of some ldapsearch commands to give an idea of what the directory looks like.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


(Work) (Work Cell)

% ldapsearch uid=mcauleto

dn: cn=mcauleto,ou=its,ou=csu,o=mnscu

mail: tom.mcauley@csu.mnscu.edu

uid: mcauleto

givenName: Tom

fullName: Tom McAuley

Language: ENGLISH

telephoneNumber: 999-999-9999

sn: McAuley

facsimileTelephoneNumber: 999-999-9999

groupMembership: cn=group1,ou=group,ou=meta,o=mnscu

groupMembership: cn=group2,ou=group,ou=meta,o=mnscu

groupMembership: cn=group3,ou=group,ou=meta,o=mnscu

% ldapsearch -b cn=group1,ou=group,ou=meta,o=mnscu

dn: cn=group1,ou=group,ou=meta,o=mnscu

objectClass: groupOfNames

objectClass: top

member: cn=uname1,ou=its,ou=csu,o=mnscu

member: cn=uname2,ou=its,ou=csu,o=mnscu

member: cn=uname3,ou=its,ou=csu,o=mnscu

member: cn=uname4,ou=its,ou=csu,o=mnscu

description: Members of this group have blah blah blah

cn: group1

I have this problem too. We have Wildfire 3.1.0 beta 3 and Novell eDirectory. We have 115 users, in wildfire admin console (with filter cn= fullname=*) we have 154 object, but realy vieving 71 users… Where my 44 users??? Anybody know? Help me please

P.S. My English is very bad? I am sorry