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LDAP Question

In the most recent version of Wildfire you added the ability to use multiple ldap servers with the same baseDN. Would it be possible to in some future release to have multiple ldap servers with multiple baseDNs? Thanks for all your hard work.

Yes it would be, but this was a quick and dirty hack I put in to get support for it since most setups will be mirrored ldap servers. At least, thats what I have so thats what I did

If you want to add support in yourself, the code to do it is quite trivial, I can even point you in the right direction.

I’'m open to pointing.

Take a look in LdapManager.java at the getProviderURL() method and where it gets used throughout the class. The basic structure when creating an ldap server pool is to provide a URL string. The string can be a list of space seperated URLs too. All I did was make the URL parse out the list of hosts and generate this:

ldap://host1/baseDN ldap://host2/baseDN …

But its pefectly valid to mix and match here, so you could do something like this:

ldap://host1/baseDN1 ldaps://host2/baseDN2 ldap://host3/baseDN3 …

The trick will be getting that information in and out of the wildfire.xml config in a way that makes sense and has some reasonable defaults.

If you get something useful working, be sure to post it here or in the developer fourm.

Thank you for your help. However, after some experimentation it appears that my problem may be solvable using the alternateBaseDN field.