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LDAP search by ou

We would like to be able to make user searces in LDAP by ou(organizational unit). The search is produced by the user attributes in LDAP, but ou is a container and not a attribute.

I am not sure what you are asking? Can you be more specific. Also depending on your LDAP your definition of an OU = container is not correct. In Active Directory, an OU is not a container. A container in AD is a User Account, a Group, or the default Users and Computers folders.

The search is produced by the USER ATTRIBUTES in LDAP, but ou IS’NOT A USER ATTRUBUTE. LDAP is a tree, and ou IS A BRANCH.

For example, I want to find a man, who works in *accounting department of our organization(for example ou=AccountDepartment). *But *ou=AccountDepartment *is not an attribute for search, because ou is not a user attribute.

AD does not query based on OU. They are merely organizational structures. This is not an issue/limitation of openfire, AD just does not do it. If you want such a query you need to make Security Groups to query against.