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Ldap Search filters - Take effect immediately?

Does the search filters take effect right away ?

Do I need to clear the cache and restart the service in order for it to work?

--------on a side note-------

Everytime i stop openfire in mac, it fails to restart and i have to reinstall over& over again and start from scratch.

What is up with that…

Search filters require a service restart.

If you need to start over the settings file (openfire.xm) does not have the proper permissions on it to allow changes to be written, or the service is not fully stopping before you try to restart which will cause it to ignore the settings file.

By the way

I have been using ldp.exe on windows to create the appropriate filters and IT WORKS on LDP.exe to filter out the appropriate USERS & GROUPS

heres my config info

BASE DN : cn=users, dc=sub, dc=domain , dc=com

USER DN: cn=username, cn=users, dc=sub, dc=domain, dc=com

my group filter = (&(objectClass=group)(cn=Jabber*)

my user filter = (&(objectClass=Person)(memberOf=cn=JabberUsers,cn=users,dc=sub,dc=domain,dc=com ))

Now keep in mind, with those configs, my ldap search using ldp and ldapsearch in linux BOTH WORK…

So WHY wont it work on openfire!!!


everytime i stop openfire, when it restarts, it either wont let me log back in (perhaps not attempting to connect to ldap server) or

It goes to the screen as if openfire is installing from SCRATCH!!! I even used mysql database to avoid corrupted DB!

Whats supposed to get written to the openfire.xml on close? any changes to the config?