LDAP searchFilter preventing login

I’‘m having a problem with LDAP integration. So far I’‘ve used the script below to log in successfully but the list of users is swamped with cruft. I’‘ve now added on the search filter part into the file but this now prevents me from logging in at all. Maybe I’‘m missing something but I’'d really appreciate it if anyone could help me out with finding the mistake.

member description <![CDATA[(&(objectClass=group)(memberOf=cn=JabberAccess,ou=g roups,dc=crmtest,dc=local)



please fix your adminDN, it must be full qualified, so “cn=readonly,ou=users,dc=crmtest,dc=local” could be a much more valid adminDN.

I really like it if users post passwords here which look like “valid” passwords (:


I’'ve now changed it to:

cn=jabber, cn =users,dc=crmtest,dc=local

That seems to have done the trick. Thanks for your help.

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Or maybe not. Seems to login now ok with the fully qualified username but as soon as I uncomment the searchFilters again I’'m still unable to login

I’‘ve now tried 3.1.0 Beta 3 and using the LDAP setup wizard for that. At first it didn’'t look like it would work either but now seems fine after restarting.

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does a shorter filter like

a) “(&(sAMAccountName=)(objectClass=user))” or
b) “(&(sAMAccountName=)(memberOf=cn=JabberAccess,ou=groups,dc=crmtest,dc=local))” work?

(I did skip the CDATA section here, you need it of course.)

For AD you may want to use objectClass=organizationalPerson.


yeah 3.1 seems to use objectClass=organizationalPerson

Thanks again for your help