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LDAP seems to be missing in the 3.9.1 rpm

I am trying to get version 3.9.1 installed for testing with AD domains. I get to the point where I enter the LDAP information, request the “wizard” to test the connection but there is no indication of success or failure. After several checks that the information was entered correctly, I turned on tshark to see what was happening. Openfire does not even try to connect to the AD server. Not even a SYN packet.

The last round of testing I did was (I think) on verison 3.5.X and LDAP worked then.

I installed from the rpm package. Is there something else I need to get LDAP support?

any solution ??


I am seeing the same behavior as well, running centos 6.5 x64 installed via rpm package and yum.

Then would you please tell me, which version of openfire are you using ?

I am not using any version.

A while back, managment wanted an IM server so I started testing on 3.5.something. That version worked OK. However, about the same time the system was made available for user testing, interest suddenly dropped off and the project was scrapped.

Recently, the directive to build an IM server was renewed. Becuase Ignite worked well in the past, I downloaded the latest version but it did not work with Active Directory. Active Directory is a requirement for this installation so I’ve moved on to evaluating other products.

For what its worth i have resolved the issue on my end. The problem was with a failed ‘get’ when calling prototype.js.

To resolve this issue i had to update my prototype.js from 1.7 to 1.7.1. For me this file was found at /opt/openfire/plugins/admin/webapp/js/prototype.js

1.7.1 is available via https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/prototype/

Hope this helps!

Thanks, filed as OF-778 to investigate further