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LDAP service for multiple domains

I configured Jive with LDAP support. My LDAP server was built originally for qmail-ldap server with thousands of domains.

The uid of my users is in format user@domain.com. If I define attribute “uid” as NameField I cant login to Jive. I get:

2005.09.13 15:38:17 Trying to find a user’'s DN based on their username. uid: oarmas, Base DN: ou=qmail_users,dc=mpsnet,dc=net,dc=mx…

2005.09.13 15:38:17 User DN based on username ‘‘oarmas’’ not found.

In that case I used JID oarmas@mpsnet.net.mx, so I guess the client(kopete) only sent “oarmas” as login, but uid is oarmas@mpsnet.net.mx, so thats why it failed.

I then changed NameFiled in Jive to “cn” attribute and set cn to “omar.armas”, wich worked very well. Now I can login to Jive Messanger with my LDAP account.

The issue is, what if I want that all my users be able to login to XMPP with its LDAP account, all of them with different domains in the uid attribute? Is it possible to force the session to be started with user@domain.com format as NameField? What would I need?

For what I see, the client should be able to pass logins in the format “user@domain”. Is that right? Is it possible?


I’'m shooting from the hip here.

You might be able to get away with it, but you’'d have to escape the @. Maybe @ would work.

Unfortunately every user would have to be instructed to use the @ unless the client did it automatically.