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LDAP settings don't stay after install

I’m new to the Openfire product.

I got through the install easy after the 3rd time of installing it. During the install I chose to do intergration with AD and setup all the LDAP settings. II used the internal database as I couldn’t get openfire to connect to my MSSQL server. During the install I got to the point of adding admins from my active directory and was successful in adding them. I was also successful in logging in to the openfire admin console after the install as well. However after I installed some pluggins and decided to logout to take a break. After coming back I could no longer login to the admin console. I did figure out that the default password is admin admin and review the server settings and notice under profile settings it was set to default instead of LDAP. I also notice that all the admins I had choosen from AD where gone as well. This is the second time this has happened to me. Any help is greatly appreicated.

We are running 3.6.4