LDAP Share Groups not visible

After upgrading to the 3.1.0 beta2, i am not able to see the groups in the admin console, however, it shows Total Groups = 6, which is the correct number. I have groupsearch filter as below:


Is this an issue with the new version or am i doing something wrong?

Please help.


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Shouldn’'t “member=” be “name=” or “displayName=” or something (the same field as groupNameField) ?

Not when pulling in groups from LDAP. I have only seen the used for the auth filter. Something to note however… from wildfire documentation: The “” value in the filter above is a token that should be present in all custom search filters. It will be dynamically replaced with “*” when loading the list of all users or a username when loading a single user.

Hope that sheds

I am still confused, what should be changes i should make?

Well from a syntax point of view, it looks fine. Without having a dev/test server for me to play with and test your query I cant be 100 percent sure. Maybe LG or one of the dev guys can throw the string in there, but as you said, it could be a problem with the code. If you are getting the group could of 6, and not seeing them… may have nothing to do with your search string.

i removed the “(member=)” entry from the groupsearchfilter and all the groups appeared in the console and everything seems to work fine.

Well let me ask you this… do the groups have members yet?

Yes they do, and like I said, everything works perfectly fine.

Great! Interesting issue though.