LDAP Slowness

Tried looking through the forums but most answers go unanswered or don’t work for me.

OpenFire 3.9.3

Windows Server 2008R2

Having click on user/groups causes a query of the entire container of AD in ldap. It literally logs in for each pull of the users. No problem if it wasn’t soooo slow. So slow that pending user auth get denied until it’s done processing either the current login or admin’s user/groups query.

Not using SSL LDAP anymore so just wondering how I can improve this. I have no cache.ldap settings by default but was not entirely sure how to implement them (currently reading what each one does). For instance clicking on Users/Groups causes a 10min query of the baseOU LDAP which has only 62 objects.

I usually wouldn’t care as I can certainly deal with it but this is causing logins (if there say 3 within 1 min) to time out (client says wrong name and password) each other as they query for each login.