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LDAP support in 2.0.0 Beta 1?

Hi there,

Is LDAP functional in 2.0 beta1?

I’‘ve tried on both linux and windows following the given sample in the conf file, but don’‘t even get a connection shown in my openldap logs. Is the configuration for LDAP different in 2.0?(Couldn’'t get it working in 1.0 either - waited for 2.0)

I’‘ve set up a working install using the embedded database and would think with LDAP enabled that the users I registered in there shouldn’'t work, but they do. This makes me think that messenger has no clue that I would like to use LDAP.

I’'ve also tried the nightly build with the same results.

Any clues?

We haven’‘t had a chance to test LDAP under 2.0 ourselves yet. I’'ll mark testing as a TODO item, however.