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LDAP: unique attribute value


(again) I’m trying to set up openfire (after a long time). In my openldap server there are people’s entries.

The “unique” entries all have spaces, commas or "@"s in it. so I cannot authenticate with them, can I? all my tries failed.

So I tried to use usersearchfilters to only have to enter part of i.e. “mail”. This ends up with this:

Mar 13 16:18:46 rfas099 local4:debug slapd[1564736]: conn=9609 op=0 SRCH base="o

u=humans,ou=foo" scope=2 deref=3 filter


when I define


<searchFilter>(mail=@example.com)</searchFilter> openfire double the und uses it in usersearchfilter AND usernamefield. I want openfire to ignore usernamefield.

If I define an empty usernameField openfire falls back to uid - even worse.

Is there a way to use attributes with special characters to authenticate or to authenticate just with part of an entry (where the searchFilter completes the attribute value to match the entry)?

Otherwise I’m stuck.


No idea anyone?

Is this to specific or to general?