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LDAP User Lockout and/or password policy enforcement?

Hi all,

I was wondering, is there a way to enforce password policies in OpenFire? We’re using the ppolicy back end for LDAP, so I was hoping there was a plugin available to tie into that, however a Google of the topic results in nothing useful. Is this something I may have to ask a developer to write? Or simply learn Java and tie into AuthFactory somehow?

Sorry if theres abundant incoherence in this message, I gave up caffiene for new years and I’m virtually dumb now.



Openfire accesses LDAP via read only. The users can not change anything in regards to their account via Openfire.

Hm, it’s possible I didn’t word my question coherently. I was actually looking for a plugin that would read password policies from LDAP (OpenLDAP ppolicy for example) and apply them to the chat server. So, number of password tries before lockout, etc.

when you login to openfire, it queries ldap, if its a wrong password that will be sent to ldap, ldap server should enforce its own policies