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LDAP username mapping to Nickname

I have Openfire up and running properly. I have end users testing the product before we give it to the rest of the company. Something I’ve been trying to figure out is some of the mapping from LDAP. What I’d like to get to work is getting the ‘Name’ to populate the Nickname field. Right now the Username is defaulting to the Nickname. Normally this wouldn’t be a bad thing but our username is cryptic (i.e. dawe1234). When adding a contact you really have to know who the person is. After reviewing some older posts on an issue similar to this I’m not sure where in the vCard properties I would change this. Anyone know?

I read this:


I then added:

{Name} after the entry {displayName}

It doesn’t seem to work. Do I need to restart Openfire to get this to work?

Ok, a restart of the Openfire server did make a change on how the link in Nickname on the server, i.e. in the Admin Console under User Roster, I can now see their names. But this isn’t updating to the Spark client. The issue remains that when adding a new contact the Nickname is still the domain ID. Is this a change that has to happen for the Username field? Does the Nickname fill in on the client come from the Username? I’m going to try to change the username mapping to see if I see a change. Would this be the CN attribute? Would this then change the ID within Openfire? Causing any issues/failures?

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Maybe this is in the wrong section to have this discussion. It seems that this is more of a Spark issue than that of a Openfire issue. Getting the addition of users to a roster isn’t including a proper nickname. The JID’s are the ‘abc123’ domain id with @openfireserver (abc123@openfireserver) then the nickname is the domain id. Which in most cases would be ok but our domain ids are a bit cryptic. I’ll post to the Spark forums.