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LDAP Users Showing Offline

I Have some LDAP users and this users are online but in the Openfire Server are offline. I Try many ways, but it did not work. Please someone help me!!User Off3

When you say: “this users are online”, what do you mean exactly? A user will only be “online” in Openfire when they are logged into Openfire using an XMPP client (like Spark).

When I said “Users are online” mean that this people is online in the Spark, but in the Openfire Console this people appear as offline, just as the image shows.

The first thing that could cause this to happen is that your users are actually connecting to a different Openfire server than the one that you’re looking at.

But I Check and everyone is in the same Openfire Server. For example all users are in the Server

Good Afternoon,

I Checked many times but, some users keep showing as offline.

I am also getting the same thing. Sometime, we are try to loggin 3 to 4 times, after that i can able to see the users through ldap.