Ldap using Multiple Domain Controllers for Redundancy


I have just recovered the system after a DC failure, is there a way that the system can look at multiple DC’s so if one is unavilable it will fail over to the next on the list ?

Isn’t there a way to locate the DC via DNS?



So in a perfect world, there should be no need to specify any hostnames or IP addresses but rather find it dynamically via DNS.

If you are talking active directory domains then yes there is. You can bind the ldap to the domain root not a controller. for instance if your DC is server.companydomain.local, yourr domain root is companydomain.local. I used that for my LDAP bind in openfire with no issues way back with version 3.5

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Thank you!

I tried to list my domain controllers host names separated by comma into fiel** ldap.host** but without success.

Now I put just domain name into field ldap.host

And confirm that Openfire server obtained redundancy to fault of domain controller.

I use Openfire 3.6.4

this has got it sorted here too was on OpenFire 3.7.0 when implemented and have since updated to 3.7.1

thank you