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LDAP -> vCard information transfeer

Hello guys.

I’‘m having trouble to find a decent guide, how to retrieve User’'s information from LDAP (MS Active directory) and populate it into vCard.

I’’’'ve searched this forum for few hours, found some interesting posts, and a Java library that I must put in my /lib directory. Although I cant find a clear information how to use it.

Can you please help me with whatever information you have on this case.

Thank you forward.

check out… ldap_guide.html

By default it gets installed in:

C:\Program Files\Jive Messenger LDAP\documentation\ldap-guide.html

About half way down you should see a section for LDAP vCard integration… Hope this helps it did the trick for me…

Also, just wanted to note that the info is only in the latest code – so, a nightly build or 2.3.0 Beta 2, which will be out tomorrow.


Thanks guys.

I found the file, and it really helped me.

I want to ask you one more thing. I need a complete list of attributes that the

section supports.

Where can I find it?

Thanks forward.

I think it’'s based on the client you are using…

Exodus seems to create a different vcard than PSI… I downloaded the source code and in the comments it give a create way to find out what fields your client is using…


1: Connect a client to a non-ldap server… and Publish a fully fill-out vcard…

2: Open a sql debugger, connect to the jive database, and use this line:

SELECT value FROM jivevcard WHERE username=’‘some_user’’

3: The result is a string of xml that can be parsed out to see what fields your client is using… You can then stuff those fields with any available fields from your LDAP directory…

Here is the one I use for Exodus:


Methods Machine Tools, , , ,


I think the only thing not working is my email address… Exodus had something else going on there… I have not played with it in a few days…

Thanks for the idea, I’'ll use it for sure.

For Exodus, the following will fill in the e-mail addy for the vcard:

Assuming, of course, that “mail” is how your LDAP directory stores the e-mail addy.


This is the vCard mapping we use with MS Active Directory. We use Wildfire 2.4.0, and the client is Spark 1.0.2.




Strange, in the post there apeears an extra “>” in the first line. Tried to edit it but doesn’'t work.


The last “>” should be deleted

I am not using that messeger i use district messeger

i need Help with it

to get it is http://district.servegame.org

Aqui estão minhas contribuições:

Here is “my” contributions:

Pandion vCard

vCard para o Pandion


(este código foi postado pelo cbas[/b] no url=http://forums.pandion.be/viewtopic.php?t=956&highlight=vcardFórum do Pandion[/url])

(this code was posted by cbas[/b] in url=http://forums.pandion.be/viewtopic.php?t=956&highlight=vcardPandion Forum[/url])

E url=http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/adschema/adschema/attributes_all.aspaqui[/url] você pode ver a estrutura do AD com a descrição e nome dos campos para LDAP.

dica: você pode fazer uma busca por “ldap-display-name active directory schema campo[/b]” (sem aspas). Onde “campo” é a descrição do campo que você está procurando: ex: ldap-display-name active directory schema cell phone

And url=http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/adschema/adschema/attributes_all.asphere[/url] you can see the MS AD-Schema with description and LDAP field names.

tip: you can search for “ldap-display-name active directory schema field[/b]” (without ") where “field” is the field description: e.g. ldap-display-name active directory schema cell phone

See ya!