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Let me implement RPC support

Hi guys

You’'ve got a realy good API lib.

I recently talked to you about RPC support and as it is not hard to implement and I realy need this I can do it and than send you the source code … you’'ll be able to include it in your lib and share it with others.

RPC support is only a specific IQ stanza sent to RPC-server with procedure name and IN parameters and an IQ stanza with OUT return values sent back to RPC-client.

Please, tell me do you have any coding standards and what package it will be better to include RPC classes ?

Thank you.

Hey Dmitry,

It would be cool to have support for RPC. And thanks for wanting to share it with the community.

All the extensions should be added to the org.jivesoftware.smackx packet. If you need to create many classes, like for instance MUC, we would recommend creating a new subfolder and place them there.

Otherwise, the idea is to create the low level classes such as Packets under the packet folder and Providers under the provider folder. And then you may want to provide a higher level API, which provides an easy and clean API for using the new extension, and place the new class in smackx.

Let us know if you need anything else.


– Gato