Let's talk about toast popups

I have decided to start this thread after noticing this doc Changing Toast Popup Display Time Actually i was thinking about toast popups for some time. They are interrupting my browsing badly. I mean presence popups. Because they are huge, dont have close button and stays for too long. What for? So i want to hear other opinions. Maybe i should file that in JIRA. I think those popups should be the same size as message popups. I’m not sure about close button, especially if staying time would be shortened. There is nothing to read in that popup, so why should it stay for so long. And i dont think one would miss much if he wount see that popup. Actually there could be an option in Spark to make those popups stay until you close them, for those who would like not to miss them.

Ok. We all know that there is not much development in Spark recently, so maybe there is no point of discussing such thing. But we can dream

heh, talking is not popular here anyway, i think i’ll file this one, with minor priority

i have these notifications turned off because they’re way too big, be nice if they were a bit smaller, as you said, theres not alot of info there.


Hope nobody minds the bump to this, but recently I’ve received some complaints about toast, which are quite different than the complaints I’ve seen others in here talking about.

My users are complaining that the toasts are too QUICK. They’d prefer that they stay on the screen until they acknowledge them. So, my question is this: have the possibility to make this configurable? I’m not sure I’m up for rebuilding the source myself to add this functionality myself, but I thought I’d put the idea out there.

Look at this patch SPARK-985_ImprovementForToastPopups.patch from Niklas. (http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/183725#183725)

or wait … for 2.6.0 :smiley:

How i apply this patch for Spark installed on WindowswsXP?

This patch you could apply only for Source code of Spark.

OK, how i can apply this patch for source code?

Download the source, download the patch, apply the patch and compile it. http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1521

We’re screwing around with an instant messaging client called ‘Spark’. One of the client’s customization settings is to enable something called a “toast popup”. What in the name of Sunbeam bread is this? The Spark help .PDF doesn’t mention it at all. Googling the term results in many links to where the term in used but no definition. I suspect it’s one of those phrases long-time instant messaging users take for granted.ToastForm class - An inherited Form class that uses the FormAnimator class to produce the same “toast” effect used by MSN Messenger and other apps, where the form slides up from the system tray and then slides back again after a period of time…

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