LibJingle and OpenFire

Hello all,

I was assigned to a client-server project which includes VoIP. For starters we 've chosen to work with Google’s LibJingle and GMail servers. It works fine and now we want to switch to our own OpenFire server. So far I have managed to install OpenFire, to create user accounts on the server, to connect to the server and to chat from my client program. All this by simply some base URLs with my own domain based URLs in my client program.

However, file transfer stopped to work. It used to work just fine with the Google servers, but now I am always getting the following answer from my server

<iq type=“error” id=“xxxx” to=“yyyy”>

 &lt;query xmlns="[]"/&gt;

<error code=“501” type=“cancel”>

<feature-not-implemented xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-




What am I mussing here? I am an absolute novice to the server development, being always on the client side, so any help will be greatly appreciated.