Libjingle with Openfire


I am developing an application using libjingle. When i use google there is no problem. But i want to use my own server, so i installed Openfire. When i use Openfire server, i can authenticate, but i can not connect to other peer because it seems that Openfire does not set a relay server. I can see stun servers are OK, but there is no relay server.

How will i make this work? Will i specify a relay address in Openfire or something like that?

Hi ndemir,

Have you managed to get the relay server working? I have the same problem. I might end up of developing an OpenFire plugin that integrates libjingle’s relay server, if I cant find a ready-made solution. Let me know if you already have a solution or are interested in such a plugin.

I’m sorry,I hava not find a way to deal the problem.if you find it ,tell me please

I also encounter this issue.

Does anyone have a solution or suggestion for this case ?

Thanks anyway.

Note:Openfire 3.6.4

To do file transfer via google server, there will be a relay server:

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But with openfire server, there are only stun servers:

The most recent release of libjingle (version 0.5) has made its stack compatible with the standard Jingle protocol XEP-166 and should therefore have eliminated libjingle-specific primitives including the relay server thing.

Hi Weihan, thanks for your advice.

I had downloaded the libjingle 0.5.0 and I can see there lots of changes in

How to make pcp example support libjingle 0.5.0 ?

Sorry, I am new in XMPP/Libjingle.

They’ve removed the pcp example in the new release. I believe you need major code changes to make it working again – I need to look into the code more closely for a definitive answer.

Hi Weihan, thanks for your information.

I will study libjingle 0.5.0 and try to upgrade pcp example.

If I have any finding, I will update information to this thread.