Light are on but nobodies home?

I had the oddest and most annoying bug spoil my morning.

I got a report my my user base that a certain group was consistently offline and accepting chats. I thought it was a simple matter of governance, but in fact it was all the queues showing that people were in them and online; Which they WERE, and whenever you selected one the form would time out and go to the default offline message.

My only guess so far is it’s something up with the Jetty Server and processing the request back to OF Fastpath. I’m using 3.7 with Dele’s modified webchat.war that published to the http-bind port 7070. Anyone else see this issue?

We have similar situation where certain users would be stuck waiting on queue while it said, “Your wait time under 1 minute”, and this would go on for hours. I believe this is related to dwr.jar. I haven’t had time to fix.