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Limit chat history

Hi I am new to openfire and only at an administrator level. I have tried to limit the number of messages viewed by a client via the Openfire web console (Group chat > Group Chat settings >conference > History settings). I am using spark as a client and using of 4.1.4. This is not working for me could anybody point out mistakes I am making?
Thank you.

Please add more information about what have you done, what is happening and what you expect.

I have an openfire sever. I am using spark as clients. All connections work and chatting good. I created a chat room via the client. When I tried to change room settings via the server admin I tried to change the chat history. I assumed that changing this would change the amount of messages viewed by a user in the applicable chat room. This did not happen.
The options displayed where 3 radio buttons to show no history, all history or a specific number of messages. I tried to show no history. this did not work. I tried to show only 5 messages this did not work.
No matter what the history is set too ALL messages always appear to client.
Hope this is clearer thanks.

This setting only works for new messages. If there were history showing before changing that, it won’t disappear for the clients. The only way is to recreate the room.

Ok that works thank you so much